Current Projects

Senior Education Programme

Sponsorship of Joseph

Sponsorship of Joseph

The UK Trust are proud to be sponsoring Joseph as he embarks on his third year as an undergraduate student of Law in Catholic University of Eastern Africa in Nairobi. Joseph has successfully completed the first two years of his course.

Sponsorship of Morris

Sponsorship of Morris

The UK Trust are sponsoring Morris as he embarks on his final year of a 3 year engineering course at the Mombasa Polytechnic College.

Sponsorship of Brian

Sponsorship of Brian

Brian is 20 years attending high school in Likoni. It is our greatest hope that he will continue to work hard to reach university standard.

Sponsorship of Jeremy

The UK Trust are sponsoring Jeremy as he embarks on the first of a three year course studying Environmental and Biosystems Engineering at the University of Nairobi.

Joseph said “I am mostly grateful to the UK Trust for seeing me through that time and giving me an opportunity to pursue my dream career in the best university in the country, and, to show their desire to see the best in me, bought me a laptop. Thank you so much. May the Almighty God Bless each of you abundantly. May He repay you all in a way greater than you can receive. My promise to you all is to give my best to my studies as this is my own life in the making. Once again, I am so grateful.

Other Projects

Curtis Kongowea Baptist Primary School

The name of our school is Curtis Kongowea Baptist Primary School. We are sorrounded by four slum areas namely Kisumu Ndogo, Mnazi Mmoja, Jerusalem and Matopeni. We are found in Kongowea Mombasa, The second Largest city in Kenya.

Our school serves the community teaching all children regardless of their faith background.

The age range of our children is from 2 and half years to 20 years. We teach computer classes from class three to class eight. We have eleven classes with children population of between 30 to 40 students per class. The total student population is 230.

The computer hub is also open in the evening classes for outsiders and staff members which consists of eight packages. This group forms a population of 20 people. In total the computer hub is serving 180 people. The students are issued with a certificate after completion.

Once again thank you Christine and Brian. Kindly pass our appreciations greatitudes to the rest of the Trustees.

Be Blessed always
Pastor Rodgers Unda

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Uniform Scheme

Uniform SchemeFor the children of Kenya education is a privilege and not a right and is only available to those children whose family can afford to buy a uniform. For many families the cost is just too prohibitive.

Throughout 2010 GNCT worked with Headmaster Mr Gideon Kiswili and Pastor Rodgers, who selected fifty children from the poorest families in the area to receive a full school uniform. We have pledged to supply twenty uniforms each year to children selected by Mr Kiswili and Pastor Rodgers.

Twenty Five pounds a year will purchase a full school uniform to include socks, shoes and a strong school bag. A small price to pay for giving the gift of education to a child so eager to learn.


New Computer Lab

Computer LabAll children at the school looked forward to their computer lessons. With at least three or four children at a time crowded around three computers, it was not easy to give each child a turn at the keyboard. Since the computer lab was also used for adult education in the evenings, it was essential for the school to increase the number of computers already in use.

GNCT was so impressed with the teaching staff and the results achieved under such difficult circumstances, that it was agreed funding for four new computers would be supplied by the Trust. In 2013 the Trust purchased two more computers for the school and in January 2014, the Trust agreed to buy another three computers.

Both children and adults are taught computer skills for which proficiency certificates are awarded. Computer maintenance forms parts of the curriculum and on line courses are now available to all children and adults.

The Ellen Cadden Library

Ellen CaddenThe children’s reading library at the school was in a sorry state when our trustees went to visit for the first time. The meagre supply of books to be shared between 350 pupils was far from adequate and the books themselves were showing signs of excessive use.

During our talks with Headmaster Mr Gideon Kiswili, we discovered the school possessed no text books for use by the children and no teaching manuals were available to members of staff to assist them in the preparation of lessons.

Once back in London the trustees discussed the problem with friends and relatives hoping to find support for a new library. Ellen came forward to help. With her love of books and having worked in publishing all her life, she knew the value of introducing young children to the joys of reading.

Sadly Ellen passed away in March 2010, before she was able to make her promised contribution. Ellen’s family and friends generously donated money to re-stock the library in her name and provide the school with the much needed text books and teaching manuals.

Good News Medical Clinic


The Good News Children's Trust project for 2014 is to fund a Medical Clinic in Mombasa. It will enable us to bring basic medical assistance to those who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford it as there is no free medication in Kenya and so families often go without treatment when they are ill.

At this stage the Clinic would provide malaria tablets, mosquito nets and de worming tablets. If this proves successful, at a later date more services would be included.

The initial target figure for the project is £15000 and in January 2014 we have so far achieved £5000 of that target.

Malaria is estimated to cause 20% of all deaths in children under 5 (KMOH). The most vulnerable group to malaria infections are pregnant women and children under 5 years of age. Please help us achieve our target by making a donation. Thank you.

Bahati Prepatory School, Kilifi


Bahati Prepatory School, KilifiBahati Prepatory School is a mixed day primary school founded in 1972with one class of 36 pupils and 1 teacher. It has since grown up to a capacity of 841 pupils comprised of 436 boys and 405 girls under the guidance of 12 teachers, 4 male and 8 female. The school is in Kilifi County, Central Zone in Tezo location.

The school’s academic performance is encouraging despite numerous challenges. Some of the challenges the school faces are:

  • Provision of more desks for classes 2 and 4
  • Provision of more classrooms
  • Provision of chairs and office desks for teachers
  • Provision of a library (renovate and equip a room which already exists)

The Good News Children’s Trust are pleased to have been able to supply 14 tables and 28 benches that will accommodate 140 children.